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Mediterranean Culture is suffused with the obsession of the past. Ancient themes, memories, sensual impressions are remembered by the body, and instinctively revived by music, dance, poetry and song. It is a surging feeling that all those who have lived in Egypt and Greece for a long time strongly experience in their flesh and bones. Ancient Egypt and Hellenic Art breathe a mystery around their every monument, as if the Pyramids and the Acropolis, were still conscious of the secrets guarded beneath the sands and stones. Temples exude an atmosphere of sacred craftsmanship skills that frightens the visitor and brings awe to the heart.  

Who can reach such architectural achievements nowadays? They had a traditional knowledge of things made spontaneous by aeons of practice that we have lost. Yet the ancient performance of perfection could be realized again with patient work, determined effort, and passionate faith in the eternity of the human soul. Ancient symbols, inspired by geniuses, have not ceased to surrender through the ages, their dedicating talent offered to the gods, They are an eternal glorification of the human spirit, which cannot be killed nor destroyed by time. It can only be ignored and forgotten, left to oblivion by the unconsciousness of those that have lost their sense of the miraculous and ceased to believe in the marvelous.  

Works of Art are meant to connect the human heart to inspiration, for cosmic consciousness to grow in the Supreme Reality rooted in Life and Being. Great civilizations must be saved to feed our dreams and enable our hopes to achieve the ideal. We have to strive on to empower our vision with the ethical and aesthetical values existing in our inheritance as inhabitants of this planet.  

Ancient civilizations have always recognized the importance of spiritual perception resting in the DIVINE. Each one of us is responsible for this unique gift. Let us join our horizons and work in sincerity to give birth to a New Golden Age.  

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