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"The True work & Sacred Mission of ALL Dance Teachers
Who care for their students
is to bestow
Awareness to the Mind,
Wisdom to the Heart and
Consciousness to the Body."
©Nelly Mazloum, 1990

She started dancing when she was 3 years old in their Ballet school  at 3 Elhamy str., Cairo, Egypt. Her first and lifelong teacher was her mother, Nelly Mazloum, who since the very beginning of her life inspired her with love for dance.    

She studied dancing with many teachers, including Ballet, the Martha Graham and Jazz technique in France and England,  with Ms. Duncan at "The Place" Contemporary Dance Center in London. Graduated from the "Anglo-Dominion Association of Teachers of Dancing" (1969) and  from the School of Stage Dancing (1970) in Egypt, and started performing as a soloist in the Ballet of Alexandria. Certified by the Centre de Danse International Rosella Hightower, (1974) Cannes, France. Since 1974 she was also certified by the Athens International School which Nelly Mazloum (Calvo) founded in 1964 after leaving Egypt. For 5 years (1975-1980) she worked as a professional  performer in musicals and T.V. shows to acquire the indispensable experience needed in the performing Arts. For the last 40 years she has been teaching Ballet, Martha Graham, Jazz and the Nelly Mazloum Oriental Dance Technique and Vivicorporeal® Technique.     

In 1988 she was initiated in the Nelly Mazloum "Oriental Dance Technique".  At the beginning it was quite hard for her to learn; despite the charm and grace of this fascinating technique, the whole conception was opposed to her body's formal schooling in dance.When she gradually achieved what her mother used to call "Leisurely Endurance" a way to practice the body through conscious relaxation. She felt again at ease with her body.
She is the only officially certified teacher in the world to teach the Nelly Mazloum’s Techniques, she give seminars and lectures in Greece and abroad.

Her dedication to Nelly Mazloum’s legacy and the love for her work give her the strength and inspiration to share with her students the fascinating vision of Master Teacher Nelly Mazloum. Her main aim as the Co-founder of MADRI is to propagate, continue and keep alive the Nelly Mazloum techniques, philosophy and the Egyptian cultural tradition

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